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**1. Overview:
a. provides a personalized “Shop with an Expert” service to enhance your shopping experience.
b. This service allows you to connect with a knowledgeable expert who can assist you in selecting products tailored to your preferences and needs.

**2. Eligible Products/Services:
a. Identify the products or services that are eligible for the “Shop with an Expert” service.
b. This information may be available on the product pages or during the checkout process.

**3. Scheduling a Session:
a. Navigate to the product or service page for which you’d like assistance.
b. Look for the “Schedule Shop with an Expert” option, if available.

**4. Selecting a Time Slot:
a. Choose a convenient time slot for your shopping session with an expert.
b. Availability may vary, so select a time that suits your schedule.

**5. Expert Match:
a. Based on your preferences, an expert will be assigned to your session.
b. Experts are knowledgeable in the product category and can provide personalized recommendations.

**6. Confirmation Email:
a. After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation email with details of your shopping session.
b. The email may include information such as the date, time, and a link to join the virtual session.

**7. Preparing for the Session:
a. Review any preparation instructions provided in the confirmation email.
b. Be prepared to share your preferences, requirements, or questions with the expert during the session.

**8. Session Duration:
a. Be aware of the estimated duration of the shopping session.
b. This information may help you plan your time accordingly.

**9. Virtual or In-Store Options:
a. Clarify whether the shopping session will be conducted virtually or in-store.
b. Ensure you have the necessary equipment or access for a virtual session.

**10. Shop with an Expert Fee (If Applicable):
a. If there is a fee associated with the “Shop with an Expert” service, it will be communicated during the scheduling process.
b. Clarify any payment details or fees before confirming your session.

**11. Rescheduling or Cancellation:
a. If you need to reschedule or cancel your shopping session, refer to the instructions provided in the confirmation email.
b. Be mindful of any deadlines or restrictions related to changes.

**12. Contact Support (Optional):
a. If you have questions or encounter issues with scheduling a shopping session, contact our customer support at [insert contact email].
b. Our support team is available to assist you with any inquiries related to “Shop with an Expert.”

**13. Terms and Conditions:
a. Review the terms and conditions related to “Shop with an Expert” on
b. Understand the policies governing the scheduling, fees, and conduct during shopping sessions.

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