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  • Nestled in the High Atlas, approximately 200 kilometers east of Marrakech, within the Azilal province, the Cirque de Taghia has emerged as a favorite destination for globetrotting climbers over the last two decades. Since the initial release of the guidebook in 2008, a substantial number of new climbing routes have been established. While the existing 300 or so routes are predominantly centered around the quaint village of Taghia, this book unveils the recent openings near Zaouia Ahanesal, in proximity to Assemsouk, beneath the enigmatic plateau of Maskou, or on the slopes of the eloquent Amesfrane. Beyond the sheer beauty of the stone, the landscapes in these High Atlas mountains, coupled with the warmth and humanity of the local inhabitants, are awe-inspiring. "Taghia et autres Montagnes Berbères" serves as a comprehensive guidebook by Christian Ravier and Ihintza Elsenaar, offering insights into the major climbing routes around the village, gorges, and the Cirque of Taghia in the High Atlas of Morocco. The book presents detailed diagrams for over 300 climbing routes, some of which are complemented by black and white photographs. Additionally, a variety of texts and images accompany the routes, providing technical, practical, cultural, and historical information about the area. This 425-page softcover guidebook is bound using Integra binding, a method that combines flexibility and durability, making it ideal for a compact travel book that can be conveniently stowed in a backpack. This new edition builds upon the original 2008 release, featuring the addition of numerous new routes. Language: French Authors: Christian Ravier, Ibintza Elsenaar Number of pages: 425

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